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Phoksundo Tea House Trek 6N-7D

PRICE 42,500 / Per Person without Guide

PRICE 49,150 / Per Person with Guide

Phoksundo Lake is also known as Turquoise Lake which was named after it unique turquoise color. Well, Phoksundo Lake is known to rest of world with different names. Such as deepest lake of Nepal. Phoksundo Lake is situated in the lap of mountains accompanied by very lush green forest. Ringmo Village sits southern of the magnificent lake. Ringmo village is inhabited people who mix culture of upper and lower Dolpo. You will find Bon (pre Buddhist) religion there as well. Budhhism practiced there as well.
Phoksundo lies in the west of Nepal and almost bordering with Tibet autonomous region. It is one of the most visited destination for tourists from different countries. On the other hand you will have an opportunity take blessing from one the most famous Hindu Religious site Tirpura Sundar Temple.
One such famous goddess is Tripura Sundari, believed to be an incarnation of Durga herself. According to legends, a king named Bikram Shahi ruled over the area and where the temple now stands stood his palace. When an excavation of the palace was later carried out, a butterfly came out from the earth and ‘stayed’ on a mound, where the temple was built.
The temple, which is also called Bala Tripura Sundari, receives thousands of visitors from around the country during the Dashain festival.
The temple is not as grand as those in different cities around Nepal, but for the devout, this does not matter.
With development different services last decades now it very easy to rich there. It literally takes three days to reach the unexpected destination. In a week you will able to make Phokdundo trek very easily.

Outline Itinerary

Day Start End Height Trekking Hours
1 Kathmandu Juphal (breakfast) and dive to Tirpura sundar visit ther and dirve to Sullighat continue trek to shyangta 2520m 1 hr flight and 30 mins drive 4 hrs walk
2 Shyangta Jarana hotel 3110m 5 – 6 hours
3 Chunuwar Phoksundo-lunch time and after lunch explore Bon Gomba beside the lake 3630m 4-5 hours
4 Phoksundo Exploration day on next side of the lake and view point x 6-7 hours
5 Phoksundo Chepka 2720m 5 – 6 hours
6 Chepka Sullighat and drive to Juphal 2000m (+/-) 6 – 7 hours
7 Juphal Kathmandu by direct flight flight x Around 1 hour


Detail Itinerary

Day 01: Juphal to Syanta
Your trek will start from Kathamandu by flight to Juphal which about an hour flight from KTM. Your flight will take off in the morning around 6:30/7:30 AM. You will land at Juphal airport around 7:30/8:30 AM. After landing at Juphal airport you will have breakfast with beautiful morning sun set. After breakfast you will ride jeep to Tirpura sundar and visit around the Mandir and ride to Sullighat. Sullighat is junction of Dunai and Phoksundo trails. Form sullighat you will head upwards and have lunch at Kageni which about 3 hrs walk. You will walk by river side and will reach Syanta where you will spend the night there.

Day 02: Shyanta to Jarana hotel
Today the the trail leads you beside Phoksundo Khola- the trail of famous Lower Dolpa Circuit. We trek in the opposite direction of the river flow to Amchi Hospital. The trek crosses the bridge over Phoksundo Khola twice. As we approach closer to Kharka trekking along the amazingly peaceful region the trail goes high above Phoksundo Khola to Rechi 3011m, where we stop for the lunch. Beyond Rechi we again hike along the river side trail to Sulligad Dovan where we cross the bridge over the confluence of Phoksundo Khola and Yulung Khola and
arrive to Amchi Hospital. Amchi refers to traditional doctors who heal infections and diseases using the herbal medicine found in Dolpo. Our destination is Jarana hotel today. There is only one hotel which know as Jarana hotel. At jarana hotel there adequate solar battery enough to charge your phones.

Day 03: Jarana hotel to Phoksundo
Today as we make our way to Ringmo, the uphill starts today through birch forests to the upper reaches of the Phoksundo khola. We cross a bridge and follow a trail north to the ranger station at Phoksundo Lake. We continue to the shores of the lake near the point where the Phoksundo khola(river) flows out of the lake. The final push through the Phoksundo River gully, we emerge to the yak filled meadows of Ringmo, a popular Bon Village in the region. Ringmo has few lodges/homestays, where we are going to settle down for the night

Day 04: Phoksudo- rest day
Today we explore the area around the Ringmo magnificent Phoksundo Lake. First, we explore around Ringmo Village and head to Tshowa (the lake-shore Bon Monastery). The Gompa nestling a ridge top above Phoksundo Lake was built about 900 years ago.Exploring this culturally rich Bon Monastery is fascinating experience. Then we drop down to Phoksundo Lake along steep-sided cliffs. The lake is famous for its magnificent turquoise color and spectacular scenery. Ringmo village, a typical Tibetan village, is scenic view from Phoksundo Lake. Many beautiful glaciers can be found near and above the lake area. There are many monasteries (Gompas )and Bon-po religious sites at the park and we spend our time visiting some of these. We also explore the wonderful natural sites and enjoy our nature tour.

Day 05: Phoksundo to Chepka
After an enjoyable and insightful teahouse trek to Phoksundo Lake we trek along the retracing trail to Chhepka. We stay overnight at the hotel.

Day 06: Chepka to Juphal
After the breakfast, we continue the trek along the retracing trail that brings us to Juphal. After 6-7 hrs of pleasant walk through culturally and naturally diverse trail we arrive to Juphal. Overnight in a lodge at Juphal.

Day 07: Juphal to KTM

Flight Fare

Kathmandu to Juphal: Rs.15,000
Juphal to Kathmandu: Rs.10,000

Total Rs.25,000 per person

Trekking Fare

Trekking Fare per person: Rs. 21,000

Summury of the cost details:
Air fare: Rs. 25,000
Trekking fare: Rs. 21,000

Total cost : Rs. 46,000 (fouty six thousand only)

Optional Fare

Trekking guide and porter are optional:
Trekking guide : Rs. 25,00 per day
Porter: Rs. 2000 per day

Cost Includes

• food: 3 times meals: Breakfast, lunch , and dinner
• Drinks: 2 times tea:
• Air fare, Trekking fare and NP permit
• Hotel in Juphal

Cost Excludes

• Personal expenses and gears
• Trekking guide and porters
• Travel insurance
• Extra days hotels in Juphal due to cancelation of flight by any reason
• Fees imposed by local authorities