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Dolpo, the district behind the Himalayas. The massive range of Dhaulagiri on the North defends it from the heavy monsoon rain, so it is called the rain shadow area. The district is still far behind modern facilities like electricity, transportation, etc. Though the district has remained far behind the modern world it has its potentiality and values. Cultural, natural, and social diversity make the district one of the unique places on the earth. Especially, one who wants to explore, Dolpo is one of the hidden treasures of real nature and culture on the earth.

The pandemic Covid -19, has affected the whole world especially in the field of tourism. Though it is still not safe to travel wherever the people desire but still there are places to be explored by not only the foreigners but also by the Nepalese within Nepal that have remained safe and never been affected by the pandemic. Dolpo is one of them where there is no sign of Covid-19. So, to make a lifetime achievement one should trek in Dolpo.

Unfortunately, the trek in Dolpo is a bit different from other areas like Annapurna, Everest, etc. The remoteness one can not trek without good arrangement. There are some places within the villages where there are no human settlements. A well-managed trek can be your lifetime achievement, an unforgettable event in your life.

The place of the deepest lake of Nepal Phoksundo, which is world-renowned for its magical color, likewise there is several places where one can enjoy the nature and the unique tradition. The pre-Buddhist sect of Buddhism, “Bon” can be well explored within the district. One of the renowned Hindu Temple Bala Tripura Sundari along with several Masta practices can be experienced as you trek in a lower region of Dolpo.

Therefore, we proudly announce that we have developed different trekking packages for Dolpo with very reasonable and affordable prices. We also assure you the excellent services during your trek. Further, we arrange not only the trek but all the transportation in the easiest way as we have god collaboration with airlines.

Those who desire to trek in Dolpo or adjoining regions like Rara, Jomla, Mustang, etc. can contact us and provide a chance to serve you and help you in the exploration of the places.

This agency is a platform for enthusiast young Nepali traveler. We are planning to provide a platform through which travelers can explore as many as they can. We will have many interesting packages with reasonable cost.

We have a good team of well experienced professionals. Most of our staffs are native of Himalaya who have quite a good knowledge of geography, traditions and cultures of the Himalayan region. Further they are well trained and have practical knowledge, so which makes the treks and expeditions successful. We provide reasonable prices along with quality service.

We organize the treks and expedition in several regions and we are specialized in Dolpo and adjoining region Jumla and Mustang for any kind of highland trips. Therefore, most of the Kathmandu based trekking agencies also collaborate with us.